The drake equation on the Photobook journal, 2018

Thanks to Doug Stockdale for featuring THE DRAKE EQUATION on the PhotoBook Journal.


The drake equation + the washington post, 2018

THE DRAKE EQUATION  on The Washington Post.


THE Drake equation in Oxford american magazine, Eyes on the South, 2018

THE DRAKE EQUATION is featured on the Oxford American Magazine in the series Eyes on the South, curated by Jeff Rich.


the drake equation in wired magazine, 2018

A feature of THE DRAKE EQUATION and a story about our weeks in the National Radio Quiet Zone in Green Bank,WV . in Wired Magazine. See more about the book here.


the drake equation on Conscientious, 2018

THE DRAKE EQUATION  featured on Conscientious Magazine with a very insightful reveiw by Jörg Colberg.


the drake equation @ it’s nice that, 2018

THE DRAKE EQUATION  featured on Its Nice That with a great reveiw by Ruby Boddington.


Cubic Feet/ Sec. – Interview, 2015

on Urbaunautica by Bärbel Praun


Haboob on Hippolyte Bayard, 2013

A review by Fabio Severo, 2013


Andrew Phelps, 2013

By Martin Hochleitner for CAMERA AUSTRIA. (german)


quiet please, so i can see you., 2012

                      an interview by Kai Behrmann on Art of Creative Photography.  


Interview – The SIP Filter, 2012

Rotem Rozental talks with me about my work


interview on the “art of photography” by kai behrmann, 2012

Andrew Phelps: “Higley”  


a video interview about higley,

watch a video interview here:


Interview – “The Exotic and the Mundane”, 2012

in Landscape Stories by Gianpaolo Arena


Thoughts on Making a book, 2012

Fabio Severo of the Hippolyte Bayard Blog gave me a chance to share some thoughts on making books


Interview, 2012

NOT NIIGATA in Ahorn Magazine, by Daniel Augschöll, Anya Jasbär


Baghdad Suite, 2012

by Femke Lutgerink, FOTODOK


interview, 2012

by Michael Werner for TWO-WAY


720 (two times around), 2012

Sebastien Zanella for DESILLUSION magazine


Higley, 2012

by JIm Casper for LENS CULTURE


higley, 2012

Jasmin Haselsteiner for EIKON magazine (german)


interview, 2012

for WICHERT magazine by Renate Diehl, Stefan Karl (german)


“cross cultural” review by elizabeth avedon, 2009

Elizabeth Avedon featured Not Niigata and various projects here.


Baghdad Suite, 2009

book text by Ben Glahn


higley – Always East, 2008

book text by Andrew Phelps


4-sided, 2005

Exhibition text by Gabriele Kaiser (german)


Hotel Europa, 1999

by Andrew Phelps and Wolfgang Thaler (german)


Distant Horizons, 1996

Maps and Legends, by Tamara Kaida