Tear sheets/Editorial, 2019

Tear sheets and spreads from assignments and commissions. WALL STRRET JOURNAL, BRAND EINS, B.I.G., NEON etc…


the drake equation, 2018

together with Paul Kranzler


Over Land, 2017

An ongoing look at Austria and the Alps.


Commission for Wienerberger AG, 2016

A series of photographs commissioned by the world’s leading producer of bricks and roof tiles Thanks to Moritz and Valerie at Büro für Kunst for the coordination. This series  is from the Wienerberger plants in Straubing, Germany, summer and fall 2016, …

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Cubic Feet /Sec., 2015

34 Years in the Grand Canyon


Haboob, 2012

A violent and oppressive wind blowing in summer, bringing sand from the desert. From Arabic habüb “blowing furiously”. The Higley story continues . . .


Alpine Half-Life, 2012

An ongoing project of the Alps.


The Edge of the Spiral, 2010

A Commission about the mix of urban, suburban, and wilderness in Savignano, Italy. SI Festival 2010


720 (Two Times Around), 2010

An homage to Mike Mcgill and Robert Adams.



A commission by the European Eyes on Japan festival.


Baghdad Suite, 2008

A surrealistic moment from the streets of Baghdad.


Higley, 2007

An on-going documentation of a micro-cosmos of globalization.


Nature De-luxe, 2004

A search for the true wilderness experience.