Higley at Robert Morat

HIGLEY is opening tonight, January 12,  in the Galerie Robert Morat in Hamburg, starting at 6 pm. In case you happen to be in the “Hafenstadt” please stop by for a Becks, a bread-stick and a big taste of middle America loosing its foothold on reality. This will be the first in a run of shows including HIGLEY, so the spring is panning out to be filled with lots of travel and standing around shaking hands.

Robert Morat has a beautiful space in downtown Hamburg divided into 2 exhibition rooms and a very selected collection of books in his book store. Parallel to HIGLEY is the show “Sommerherz” from THEKLA EHLING. Thekla just published a beautiful book of the same title which is available at SCHADEN BOOKS.

Robert Morat Gallery