»Off-time« is a term used to describe time not spent working. This is time that is shaped by peoples leisure behavior, thus forming a counterdraft to the working world with its organizational and civil-society demands.With works by Catherine Gfeller, Peter Granser, Martin Parr, Andrew Phelps, Janine Schrijver and Massimo Vitali, this publication shows how contemporary international photographers are exploring our »happiness«-seeking society and the resulting multiplication of »playful settings« as a cultural paradigm within the Western way of life. Music events, adventure parks, shopping centers and vacation spots are revealed to be projection surfaces for customs, rituals and dramatizations.

Editor: Ralph Melcher
Authors: Eva Witzel, Ruprecht Mattig

21 x 28 cm
92 pages
42 color images

Kehrer, 2007
ISBN 978-3-939583-39-4

15 Euro