This is the most comprehensive collection to date of Bert Danckaerts ongoing series of found-urban/still-life/stages. (See Simple Present Beijing). Though maybe not immediately apparent, Berts work draws simultaneously on the history of color-field painting, mass culture, globalization, the ready-made object and documentary photography. Seems like a-lot to cram into one sentence, especially when the work looks so simple. But, as he moves with ease between back alleys of Hong Kong and Ikea parking lots of London, we are presented with the paradox, as Inge Henneman calls it, “in which the complex meaning and metaphor which can be found in the utter non-figurative simplicity.”

The 86 images in the book draw from 18 cities on four continents from 2007-2013. This book accompanies a new collaboration with the Roberto Polo Gallery and the show No Exit from 2013.

It is a large hard-bound, 178 oages, 86 color images.

The book is published by Lannoo, 2013

You can get one here.