Im excited to dust the blog off after several months to share my newest book Cubic Feet/Sec.  Documenting 34 years in the Grand Canyon.

CFS will be released in April in the Fotohof edition and as always in the past it will be available in pre-order with a special edition print.











Andrew Phelps, 2015

17×23 cm, 108 pages

soft-bound, gate fold covers

58 color images

ISBN 978-3-902993-12-0

Cubic Feet/Sec.documents
3 decades of traveling through the Grand Canyon by boat with my
father. Trip after trip, thousands of Kodachrome images filled tray
after tray as we carefully edited slideshows to show to our friends
and family. Though I’m sure most people who saw our shows went away
with a thrill, I could never help feeling that photography was never
going to do what I wanted it to do. This failure, of course, is not
photography’s, but mine and my lack of understanding what it can
never do…


Only recently,
when I took on the task of sorting through the thousands of images
and seeing them as a whole – a complete journey and not fragments of
past decades – did I see the memories and adventures flow into one
story, one trip. Suddenly it made sense, this new edit where time is
thrown out the window and the canyon is the only constant. This,
finally, is the slideshow we could never make.



The special edition print is possibly the first photograph I ever made. It was made on our first trip in 1979. Trip 1, day 1, film 1.

Print edition of 100 with a book.

20×26 cm

Arch. pigment on Hahnemühle fine-art paper.

110,- Euro + shipping.






to order one please send me an email.