Andrew Phelps

Higley – book + print, 2007

I’m often asked if it is possible to get a special edition of Higley. The answer, unfortunately (or “fortunately” depending on how you look at it) is no. The special edition was available in a pre-publication offer to help finance the book and the edition of 100  sold before the book was born. 

There are a handfull of retailers and dealers that picked up a few and are offering them.

I had an opening on Saturday at Harper Levine’s in E. Hampton, and Harper has a selection of 6 which are now for sale. If you are interested, please contact him directly for the details and price.


HARPER’S BOOKS is pleased to announce our new exhibit:


August 23 – October 14

Please join us at a reception for the artist:

SATURDAY, AUGUST 23, FROM 6:00 – 8:00 PM

With the publication of his critically acclaimed book Higley, Andrew Phelps joined an illustrious group of American photographers, Robert Adams and Lewis Baltz among them, who have documented the rise of the suburban southwest. 

Published by Kehrer Verlag in 2007, Higley is both a study of the altered landscape of a small Arizona town, as well as a commentary on the consequences of unabated urban sprawl. While Phelps’ piercing color images track the personal and architectural tragedies of random and rampant development, his pictures capture a humor and individualism that transcend the monolithic rise of strip malls and four lane highways. 

Harper’s Books is pleased to host an exhibition of selected photographs from the Higley series. Phelps, an Arizona native now living and teaching in Salzburg, Austria, will travel to the Hamptons to attend his opening on Saturday, August 23. 

The prints are 24×30 cm c-prints, signed and come with a signed book.