In case you miss the big yellow arrow, I just want to share a new link on the BUFFET.

My personal collection of books and special edition books has been depleted long ago, therefor the massive slowing down of the posts. BUT, what I have learned is that a-lot of people read the Buffet who are interested in limited edition print/book combos. I have decided, a few times a year, to produce a special edition book/print set in cooperation with a publisher and photographer. The idea is to conceive of something a bit different than the photographs in the book, and offer beautifully printed archival pigment prints at an affordable price.

The first book/print edition is from Seba Kurtis and his beautiful new book KIF, published by Here Press from London.

So, in the spirit of a pot-luck, check back to the link on the right now and then to find something new!