Debby Huysmans

Sibir – Limited edition book, 2010

After Elementarz from 2005 of her work in Poland, this is the second book I have just received from the Flemish photographer Debby Huysmans. This 80 page soft cover book, with about 60 color photographs is limited to an edition of 300 signed copies, self-published.

Debby has been working for years on themes of the abandoned and forgotten small regions of left behind after the fall of Communism. This time she follows the 2 longest rivers in Siberia, the Yenisey and the Lena. She has a real sensibility for being able to make very poetic, touching portraits and still-lives amongst landscapes that are very harsh and frighteningly empty.

“Nothing much seems to happen, the pace of life is slow and the images are full of silence…”

This is a beautiful book that touches that fine line which I admire so much; documentary photography that transcends any journalistic pretenses and presents us with a real human experience of traveling, looking, and wondering.

It also won the PDN Photo Annual 2010 in New York in the category ‘photo book’ this year and

at 25 euro they will surely sell out. I think you can best buy them directly through Debby.