The Gallery Fotohof in Salzburg Austria is an artist-run space for contemporary photography as well as one of the most important European venues and info centers for photography. Alongside an exhibition space, there is a library of approximately 10,000 books of photography. You can imagine I waste alot of time there.

The gallery has collected mountains of books over the last 25 years and is now selling off several hundred of them on an Ebay shop.

Being that Nathalie who runs the shop really knows her stuff, you will get competency but you probably won’t find that “deal of a lifetime” although there are some jewels which are priced at the lower end of what you find them for elsewhere.

Ok, I am a bit partial because I have been secretly, crazy in love with Nathalie for about 18 years. 

Enjoy the shop and spread the word.

Hi Nat, there is your plug. Should I pick up Leonie from kindergarden? If you grab some tortillas on your way home I can make burritos tonight.