Im a fan of Friederike, so one of these would have found its way onto my shelf anyway, but it was the opening words of the british architect David Chipperfield that sealed the deal:

“It is not about scars, but about remembrance and history. It is like a painting: if it was left unfinished and you complete it, then you no longer have the original.” 

David Chipperfield

Nord Kuppelsaal 1, Friederike v. Rauch

Griechischer Hof 1, Friederike v. Rauch

Friederike v. Rauch

Neues Museum – Special edition book and print(s), 2009

Friederike v. Rauch, a friend and colleague has just released her new book which is available with one (or both) of the above prints. Rather large for a special editon/book set, they are 60×60 cm analogue c-prints in a rather small edition of 15+4, thus the price is a bit higher than most on the Buffet, but that, of course, is relative.

It has been published by Hatje Cantz, here are the details and some words from the homepage, as well as a link to the interview with David Chipperfield by Andres Lepik.

The transformation of Berlin’s Neues Museum from a ruin back into a functioning museum was entrusted to the British architect David Chipperfield. Though initially controversial, the spectacular realization of his plans have vindicated the architect against his critics. Taking a conservationist approach, Chipperfield has managed to preserve the building’s late classical heritage while at the same time creating modern spaces of timeless elegance.
The interview with Chipperfield offers a glimpse behind the scenes and contains a great deal of interesting background information. It can be found here

Berlin-based photographer Friederike von Rauch uses an analog camera to produce her images of landscapes and buildings. The poetic, lucid photographs in her latest project document the restoration of the Neues Museum, centerpiece of the Museum Island in Berlin, which was badly damaged during World War II. (the publisher)

German, English 2009. 

96 pp., 43 color ills.
24,80 x 28,60 cm

The book alone is 29,- Euro

The special edition is 750,- Euro

You can get the special edition here, but please buy the book from someone out of my list on the right.