sorry, cant find the key combo to get my spanish “enye” in place in Ari(n)o…

I am a couple days late, which isn’t anything new lately as the Buffet has been so quiet, but I have had this book on my table for awhile and I know there was a signing in Arles on last thursday, so it would have been nice to send you by the table, but maybe you made it there anyway.

Israel Arino is a Spanish photographer who, for the most part, is working in b/w and poetically with the landscape (both the wild and the urban type..) . Atlas is his book from 2012 from the Ediciones Anomalas, also from Spain. There are also 2 different special editions available.

The text on the editors site really doesn’t say much about the work, maybe its better this way. This is the kind of work that can be talked to death. I can’t help but think, due to the title, that it is an encyclopedia of sorts, or at least a small chapter from the photographers attempt to catalogue the world, or at least his little slice of the forest, from big to small, from animal to mineral to vegetable, from the micro to macroscopic.

The binding is quite simple, a stitched brochure, with 52 pages and 29 b/w photos.

I can’t help but ask, more or less to myself, why, when i have color film in my cameras do i not notice light so much? its a shame, i should more, Israel has done it quite beautifully.

you can get them here.

I dont have one yet but the second title of his, also from E.A is called Terra Incognita and also looks quite beautiful, maybe even a bit more interesting for me as the urban landscape comes into play. But maybe they are a nice double set.