Jörg Koopmann

Book presentation and show tonight:

Stadtmuseum Munich, 6-8 pm

St. Jakobs-Platz 1


D – 80331 München


I can’t make it tonight as I am travelling in the wrong direction, but if you are in Munich, be sure to stop by and see Jörg Koopmann’s newest book and project. I just recently posted about Cat Seen, so it seems Jörg is a busy man…

He has promised to send this one as well so keep in touch for a review soon, if I ever get around for finding that “quiet moment” which I am beginning to feel is a myth.

you can find it here, and hopefully on the Buffet in the next few days.


excerpt from Gero Günthers text for Born in Brennen*:



For actually, it is all about power and deception, violence and politics, terrorism and torture, bionics and fashion, gestures and signs.

As well as confusion, displacement and inconsistency. 

For instance „born in brennen“. Jörg tells me that Patti Smith invited Murat Kurnaz as guest of honor to her concert in Munich.  The German-Turk is the best known or maybe most mediasized of the prisoner camp at Guantanamo Bay.  The American singer is deeply stirred.  When I look at this young man, I ask myself how I would react if my son had gone off travelling somewhere and was imprisoned by some governement for five years just because they entertained some suspicions about him?  While she is performing her song about Kurnaz on the small stage at the Haus der Kunst, Patti Smith crumples up the note with the lyrics and throws it aside. Jörg picks up the paper and the first line catches his eyes. In Patti Smith´s version Kurnaz´ place of birth has changed from Bremen to Brennen.


Misunderstandings, confusions and deceptions.You are never interested in the unambiguous, explicit, distinct, I claim. Where others simply try to make a point, you create references and links. Where others tend to work superelevated, Koopmann exercises modesty. While others specifically jeopardize themselves, you prefer exploring the periphery of the events. We have always shared this affection for side scenes. If „cat seen“ was an example of anti-nature photography, „born in brennen“ is an example of anti-news photography. Pictures, which do not try to prove a point. Have you never been afraid to alienate the concerned ones, though? Demonstrators, activists, people, who are working hard to let things appear distinct and explicit.

No, he has not.