I have been quiet for 2 weeks as I have spent time in the states photographing in
Higley again. I am working on a couple of new projects there, which may or may not find the light of day, but one of them deals with the crashing housing market which has hit places like Higley very hard. Actually, its not that the market crashed, it is just that it leveled out to what might be called a  “normal” rate of growth. Unfortunately, many people banked on the cash-cow grazing comfortably indefinately. Speaking of cows, the running joke, though not funny to many, is that the original Higley farmers are going to come back, buy up all of the track homes, level them and start farming again.  

In the last weeks I have gotten so many offers by photographers offering print deals to try to generate sales. I suppose it is a sign that the slacking economy is hitting everywhere.

In case you are looking for a little place in Higley, you can have one of these for about 600,000.- thats down by about 50% from a few months ago:

5,000 sq feet of plywood, styrofoam, chicken-wire and stucco.

I would invest in 1 sq. foot of one of Juliana Beasley’s photographs.

Leopard Lady

is one of 4 being offered for 300 USD.

They are 18×18 inches, edition of 12, which is a quite small edition run for such an offer.

You can get all of the inf here.

I also often find such deals over at Mel’s.

She also featured a few of Juliana’s work and Mel is a great source for collecting as she is an avid collector and photographer herself.