copyright Kevin Miyazaki, copied from his blog.

A small aside from my planned run of Polaroid works to quickly announce a great deal on prints from Kevin Miyazaki. I also listed his last artist book here. His show has just ended at the MIAD gallery and you can get one of the little (4×6 inch) gems for the price of a postage stamp. It’s not a case of price dumping, but instead incorporates the role of his blog into the presentation and treatment of his work:

Here’s Part Two to my recent show at MIAD100 Very Small Observations. To recap: The show was installed in a gallery in the school’s photography department, and my goal was to impart on the students the role that this blog has played in my work and process. To that end, the show consisted of (100) 4×6″ digital c-prints, the images having been created for, and initially seen on the blog. You can read earlier posts about the show (and see the pictures) here.

To bring the whole thing full circle, I’ll now be giving the prints away to readers of the blog. If you’d like one of the pictures, email me with “100” in the subject line of your email (not just a comment below, please), and I’ll email you back with instructions (you’ll need to send me a self-addressed, stamped envelope). The first 100 people to email me will receive a randomly selected print, mailed back to you in the envelope you provide (in about 2 weeks). 

Kevin Miyazaki

You can get all of the info here.