A bit early for St. Patrick’s day, but if you are looking for a little something special for that unlucky person in your life, this new edition by Arion might be the right thing.

Arion’s mother accumulated a collection of 200 four-leaf clovers, packed each one in a newspaper cut-out of the day and then left them to Arion who is now offering the clover along with the corresponding photograph.

The clovers are the heritage from my mother who could not possibly look at an inch of grass without finding a handful of four-leaf clovers.

What do you do when you have loads of lucky clovers in your wallet, pockets, diaries and calendars? Throw them away or keep them? My mother carefully pressed them between pieces torn from the daily newspaper and put them in a box, and then in another box, and another one. Of course, even a flood of four-leaf clovers could not improve her life. Only the uneven distribution of goods occurred in a less monetary form (clovers), now by giving them away as part of this special edition I try to compensate.


It is a fundraiser of sorts to get money together for a forthcoming publication of his personal work Middle.

They are only 20 Euro each, get all the info here.