Markus Krottendorfer, courtesy of Fotohof.

Markus Krottendorfer

Stock Car – not so limited book.

This isn’t such a limited edition book, 1000 copies to be exact, but I found it interesting and I am always attracted to projects which I think have found the perfect form. This is a hefty soft-bound brick that reminds me of the big service guides we used to have in auto-shop class in high school which you had to get off the shelf and find a sturdy surface to flop it open to find out how to break down a distributor.

The book contains 120 black and white photographs of Stock Car (you have to write that word BOLD)races in England. The cars are all modified from their original stock condition, often deformed and covered in flashy stickers as they race, fly and crash around make-shift courses. Markus Krottendorfer also includes scenes before and after the races, the macho stances in the pit-boxes, the mechanics, the polished hoods being shined and ready for the next beating.

The full-bleed, double page printing mirrors this work’s original form of a slide show. The cars and their heros seem to emerge from with-in, stepping into the stage lights for a brief brush with fame and death.

File this one somewhere between Valerie Belin and Weegee

Text: David Staretz
German and English
27 x 20 cm
39.00 €

You can find more info here.