River Bottom, Michael Lundgren, 2003

Lava Tube, Michael Lundgren, 2003

Zacatera, Michael Lundgren, 2006

Untitled, Michael Lundgren, 2002

Michael Lundgren

Transfigurations – Special edition book + print, 2008

“Landscape photography is ripe for reinvention” Mark Klett

This is the forthcoming, first publication of Michael Lundgren, the Arizona based artist who has been photographing in the deserts of the South West for the last decade, chasing the magic of this place while embracing its position in the history of landscape photography. 

Throughout its history, landscape photography has transitioned from scientific exploration to the idealization of nature and the spectacle of human progress. Lost along the way was a sense that photographs of the land can speak to an ecstatic experience. Borne of this lineage, Transfigurations is an atavistic contemplation of the origin, embracing photography’s duality, veracity and transformation.

These photographs are a lust for the primitive. They seek to understand beauty and terror, which are inseparable. In the desert, nothing remains static; even the rocks move. The landscape is discernible only because of the presence of what is fundamentally absent. Myth and metaphor remain unfixed, open. (Radius)

Radius books is publishing this beautiful book and is offering a generous Special Edition. 

It is a “print of choice” edition which gives you a chance to pick any image in the book, out of a selection of 45. Above are 4 examples from the project.

The edition print is a 16×20 inch silver gelatin print. I have seen many of Mike’s prints live and they are exquisite. They absolutely glow, so don’t miss out on this chance .

Hardcover with dustjacket, 11 x 14 inches, 64 pages, 45 duotone images.

Essays by Rebecca Solnit and William Jenkins

The special edition is 800,- $

Go directly to Radius to get the info on availability.