Miklos Boros

Notstand/Stranded – Special edition book + print

Miklos Boros, the Linz based photographer has just published his first book with Fotohof and is offering a very affordable Book+Print edition. I have seen his prints and they are fantastic. The book is a result of his project State of Emergency:


Over a period of two years Miklos Boros photographed a woman in her private and professional environment. In doing so he created the portrait of someone who is a single mother of three children, and a go-go dancer. The woman, who is Hungarian by birth, has lived and worked in Linz, Austria, since 1998. This book features a selection of photographs which authentically and unpretentiously records the everyday life of a thirty-year-old woman in both these contexts.


Boros’s attention focuses on specific situations, looks, gestures, details, rooms and constellations. He seeks neither to moralise nor to comment. Instead, he allows the documentary approach to create a narrative quality which gradually fills particularly the space that exists between the photographs. The impact which characterises the State of Emergency project as a whole is created in this in-between area, an impact which with razor-sharp precision chisels a life situation out of anonymity and the portrait of a woman out of her status as available object.


Indeed, State of Emergency shows a person as a subject, at eye level.


Martin Hochleitner


There are 3 different images to choose from, 20×30 cm, fiber prints (or) c-prints. Each comes with a signed and numbered book in an edition of 20.

Print 1

Print 2

Print 3

Contact Miklos directly to get one: