Not the latest, but a new one for me I got while in NY last month is a part Ofer Wohlberger’s on-going book series “The Photographic Book Project” and is once again somewhere between the ready-made, appropriation and artist book. Both are my favorites to date for different reasons.

Covers is a xerox collection of the certain genre of hard-bound books which seem to have been replaced by the pulp fiction soft-bound books. These are the thrift-store books which are piling up by the millions in every corner of every thrift store, Ofer is the guy buying them, removing the dust-cover and revealing the beautiful and often poignant graphics hidden below.

Covers from Ofer Wolberger on Vimeo.

here is the trailer I grabbed off of his sight.

It also comes with a large copy of one of the books inside, the selection is random and each poster is unique.

They come folded into the book and are about the size of an average 5 year old:

The latest book Visitor is also out now, I will post it soon.

Get the info here.