Joerg Colberg from Conscientious has asked people with photo-blogs (I don’t consider myself a blogger, just a photographer who uses a blog for archiving) to begin the week by selecting a photographer or artist who we think is pushing the medium a bit. Being I am in Europe, and Joerg is in NY, my post might be up before he is.

So, my artist this week is the American, living in Köln, Peter Miller. I have followed Peter for years, consider him a good friend, I think he feels the same, so its great timing that he finally has a publication out which fits perfectly into the BUFFET.

A few years ago, as Polaroid was on its way out, I talked to Peter about his work. Here part 1, and here part 2.

Now Peter has a small publication which is actually a box we all know from buying photo-materials; the envelope with the label wrapped around the bottom edge, everyone new not to open it in the light.

Peter’s box contains 3 series which have been compiled in 3 different forms, each reflecting on the work, and the medium, itself

The Letter:

This project is best described in a video of the installation, be sure to watch to the end.

Thirty Flashes:

This work is shown in a fold-out poster showing all 30 images. Thirty Flashes consists of 30 8×10 inch gelatin silver prints of a mirror being photographed in a dark room with a flash. The image above the mirror is the reflection of the flash which is exposing the mirror. Its one of those things you shouldn’t try to think too hard about…

Lightning Bugs:

The Lightning Bugs are 16 Polaroids which were exposed by fire-flies which peter trapped in the basement with unexposed Polaroid sheets lying on the floor.

When I first met Peter, I think he considered himself as much magician as artist, and he told me once that he turned a cold shoulder to magic due to the fact when stumped by a clever magic trick, everyone would ask “how did you do it?” instead of just simply being mystified for a few moments. With his photography I think he pulls back the metaphorical curtain and we see the wizard, but are still a bit mystified, which is even better.

The little box/book is a product of Peter’s work with the Kunsthochschule für Medien in Köln.

ISBN 978-3-942154-11-6

It was published on the occasion of his show in the Glasmoog Gallery in Cologne in 2010.

Try to get them through Peter.