in the true spirit of BUFFET, is the “Salon for artist’s books in Vienna. “….as much swap meet as market place….”

Salon für Kunstbuch.  25th Nov. 2008. 7:00 pm

An evening with Kit Hammond, one of the founders of the first book fair for self-published artist’s books in London.


The show “35 Books form London” curated by Bernhard Cella with cooperation

from Diana Baldon shows a wide spectrum of interesting books from London.

from the homepage…..

Publish and be Damned is an co-operative working on projects related to independent artist-led publications – particularly periodicals, magazines, fanzines, journals and other experimental editorial directions. 


The annual Publish and be Damned self-publishing fair brings some 50+ publications from Europe and further afield in London. As much a swap meet as a market place, the fair has become a popular distribution network. The Publish and be Damned traveling library has been presented in more than 14 artist-led venues, often in reading rooms designed by artists and has recently begun a number of workshops aimed at production of new zines. Publish and be Damned is currently made up of Kit Hammonds, Emily Pethick, Sarah McCrory, Joe Scotland and Kate Phillimore.


Kit Hammonds is an independent curator and tutor on the MA Curating Contemporary Art at the Royal College of Art, London. From 2003-2008 he was Associate Curator/Curator at the South London Gallery and London Correspondent to Tema Celeste magazine. He co-founded Publish and Be Damned with Emily Pethick in 2004.


Salon für Kunstbuch, 

Mondscheingasse 11

A-1070 Wien



Mi. – Fr. 14-19h, Sa. 12-17h