I got a chance to be a part of an interesting book project this fall documenting the architecture exhibition REALSTADT in the Kraftwerk Mitte Berlin. Curated by Martin Heller and Angelika Fitz, the show presented nearly 300 architecture models from dozens of German cities.

From October 1 until November 28 2010 Berlin was playing host to «REALSTADT.Wünsche als Wirklichkeit» [Realstadt.Wishes Knocking on Reality’s Doors]. The focal point in this exhibition has not only been the concept of the City but also the way we deal with the City. It were the wishes of very many different actors playing an active part in shaping the City that are central to the exhibition: mundane wishes and spectacular ones, idealistic and economic ones, local and global ones. Cities, after all, are built from wishes, animated by wishes and pulsing with wishes.

Martin Heller, Angelika Fitz.

Instead of standard exhibition photos, the curators decided to give free rein to 8 photographers, each of us interpreting the show in our own style.

The photographers:

Tobias Gratz, Torben Höke, Philipp Horak, Paul Kranzler, Sandra Kuhne, Kay Michalak, Julia Müller-Maenher, Andrew Phelps;

160 pages, Hardbound

ISBN 978-3-033-02748-0;

27.- Euro plus packaging and postage.

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