Schacht 12, 2006

Ricarda Roggan 

Schacht/Attika/Stall – book + limited edition print, 2008 

This book, which was awarded a German Photo Book Prize for 2008, is a catalogue of the main bodies of work from Ricarda Roggan. The 20  color images in Schacht/Attika/Stall (in english, roughly Box/Attic/Stable), are void any narrative order or traces if historical events  yet hint at a reality so irritatingly estranged that it can only be constructed.  …or not?

…the artist uncovers the real situation she finds on site and frees it of the traces and layers of its uses, thus reducing it to its essential substance, in the image thereof she increasingly levels off the difference between past and present.

Martin Hochleitner, 

The book is hardcover, 32×24 cm, 50 pages, ca 20 color imges, text by Martin Hochleitner.

The above print is 50 x 42 cm, c-print, edition of 35.

Book and print price:  250,- Euro

They are available through Fotohof.