Rob Hornstra

101 Billionaires, The Crisis Edition – Self published, limited edition book, 2009

Here are 2 new old things. Rob was kind enough to make a book trade with me and, as always with Rob, I feel like I always get the better end of the bargain. I (as well as a few hundred others) have posted already about how good “101 Billionaires” is. It was on my best of 2008 list, as well as almost every “best of” list last year so it is no surprise the the first edition has sold out. The timing of the second edition coincides directly with the financial crash, hence the title of the second book, which is the same but with a cancelation “x” through the title. We come to find out that the initial announcement from a Russian publication listing the 101 Russian billionaires which gave the title to the book has recently announced that that list is cut down to a “mere” 49. That is still alot of Billionaires, but like Rob says, the Russians in the hinterland saw little of this exorbitant wealth anyway.

So, if you missed the first edition, don’t miss out on this one.

Get them here.

Support the Sochi Project…

The Sochi Project, which is already underway, is an ambitious project by Rob Hornstra and Arnold van Bruggen. They will be documenting the changes that are happening to this Russian town and its surroundings as it prepares for the Olympic games in 2014.

Here is a link to my previous short post about it.

Rob has sent me a small stack of these newspapers in which he and Arnold flat-out ask for money, you can’t get more direct than this:

but when you know Rob’s work, and the tenacity which it contains, you can be sure it is money well invested.

The Sochi Project Newspaper is a large-format news print with 3 double page pull-out poster images.

I am going to try to do my part in spreading the news. If you want one of the magazines that Rob sent me, simply send an email to 20 of your friends, linking this post, and asking them to take a look and consider joining and supporting the Sochi Project. CC me to the mail, and include your address and I will send you one, postage paid by me.

AND, in the spirit of giving, if you send out the mail with the longest list of recipients, I will send you a set of Rob’s christmas cards from last year.

Rob Hornstra, Christmas Cards from 2008.

here is a review at The PhotoBook.