Here is the promised follow-up to Suburban which I posted last week. BliserZine #5 is a 3-D collection of stuffed and exhibited salt marsh predators. There is something very similar between photography and taxidermy, both freezing a moment, a moment declared more important than the moment before, or any moment to follow.

Taxidermy and photography have more in common then meets the unsuspecting eye. Consider how both “capture” a specific slice of life and freeze it solid. The antelope’s gaze, the brown bear’s stare preserve the moment of attention in the forest when there was a noise in the bushes or a sudden scent in the air. That attentive look of life is captured, chopped off at the neck, and displayed among the paraphernalia of middle class domesticity. Beautiful and dead. Life is a ceaseless flow of change. We find this constant change, this knowledge of certain death unbearable. Photography and taxidermy make time hold still. They are good at preserving the illusion of permanence.

Tamarra Kaida. Excert from Losing Ground, HIGLEY, 2007

Salt Marsh Predators 3D from NASTYNASTY© on Vimeo.

As before, this is limited to 100 copies, so I’m sure they will sell out.

get them here.