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Shawn Records – book on demand, 2009

I must say I am happy to finally have Shawn’s name over in the tag list.

I have been a fan of his work and his writing for quite some time. His blog, which he unfortunately doesn’t keep as up-to-date as he once did, was an inspiration for me to start the BUFFET. Both his writing and his photography are intelligent and witty, without being pretentious or sarcastic. I have a print of his hanging above my washing machine, which sounds de-grading, but my washing machine sits in a beautifully lit space.

Shawn just released a book about a movie about a book. His son Max is the lead role in the last Spike Jonze film Where the Wild thing are. Shawn spent his time as set photographer documenting his son in the strange moments between being Max and Max. Shawn says himself that fans of the movie might be disappointed as it isn’t so much about Maurice Sendak‘s classic but about Shawn’s losing the control of protecting his son as he is thrown into the film world which, I imagine, can be a big scary place.

The book is softcover about 24×30 cm for 45,- $

or a special edition version with a print-of-choice for 120,-$

54 color photographs

you can order them here at Publication Studio