This is number 1 of hopefully many more publications and projects by the LAB guys and gals.

Last summer I got invited to the absolutely beautiful area of Italy near Polignano,  in cooperation with the Foundazione Maria Rossi Onlus.

The LAB group has started a series called “Southern Photography” as a platform to document the urban and suburban landscape of southern Italy.

I was lucky to be invited to run a 4 day workshop, which was actually in a cave, and the result is this simple yet beautifully edited publication from the participants. I feel a bit odd about having my name on the cover, the cover image is the only one from me, and the heart of the book is made up of the work of the really fun and talented people I got to hang out with for a weekend. Here are some spreads to just a few.

Thanks a million to Giuseppe Olivieri and Michele Cera for making it all happen.

Try and get a copy from Michele.

Alesandro Ciriollo               Cesare Fabbri

Nicola Baldazzi           Angelo Giovannetti

Vincenzo Schiraldi            Emanuele Clarizio

Alessandro Cirillo        Gabriele Rossi

Gabriele Rossi