Thekla Ehling

Sommerherz – Limited edition book, 2007

This is a beautiful digitaly printed, handbound book by Thekla Ehling.

This first edition is published by


A season, a bodily organ. Combined into a word which contains only three syllables and yet has its own poetic sound: the German word Sommerherz (Summer Heart). It is an artificial word, full of promise that ultimately almost demands to be associated with those sumptuous hot days of July and August that are etched into our memories of childhood, days that make our hearts beat faster. (

The good new is that Kehrer is going to publish a second edition, in a larger print-run and printed in normal off-set, which means that the book will be much more affordable and the images printed better, but it will lose the special quality that this handbound edition has. I have this one and I am looking forward to the Kehrer version as well as I’m sure there will be a different edit.

If you want to try and track one down, you may get one through her gallery in Hamburg, Galerie Robert Morat 

Hardcover, 21×30 cm, ca 60 pages, ca 50 color and b/w images. 150,- Euro.


If you want to wait for the Kehrer publication, I am sure it will come with a special edition print and I will be posting about it, so keep in touch. It should be finished this fall.