Box set of 10 booklets. Visions and Documents, 2010.

Michele Cera.

Francesco Neri

Cesare Fabbri

Curated by Michele Cera / Federico Covre, Visions and Documents is a limited edition 10 catalogue box produced by the Documentary Platform in Italy.

I had the chance to meet several of the photographers involved when I was in Savignano , Italy a few times last year and its great to see this initiative come out about contemporary Italy.

“Every one of us has a geography…”

So begins the text, and each photographer fills a 16 page booklet with his or her visions of their own geography.

You will recognize several of the names from publications in the last few years; Petra Stavast’s great book Libero is here in a shortened version and the work of Fabio Barile which I discovered in his last book from Treterzi, Things That Do Not Happen.

Here is the list.

Fabio Barile “Among”
Michele Cera “Taccone”
Federico Covre “Dovresti esserci…”
Cesare Fabbri “Un mondo di carta”
Marcello Galvani “Casi”
Giovanni Lami “Apnea”
Domingo Milella “Paesaggi”
Francesco Neri “Nove”
Gabriele Rossi “Litorale”
Petra Stavast “Libero”

The set is limited to 150 box -sets, so be sure to get one if you are looking for a strong set of publications from contemporary Italy.

Again, my little snap-shot documentation is lame compared to the presentation you can seeon their site.

All the info here.