Wolfgang Thaler

Mepyuk – book + print, 2001

Wolfgang Thaler spent several years traveling to major cites around the world (Mexico City, Tel Aviv, Sofia, Tokyo, Wien etc) to photograph in the office spaces, waiting rooms and entrance halls to the various corporate, cultural and hotel buildings which we pass daily but never get a chance to make it past the doorman. Whether Mexico or Tokyo, we get very few hints at cultural identity but instead  are given a glimpse into Mepyuk, an almost imaginary world which is nowhere and everywhere.

The book is Hardcover, 24×17 cm, 144 pages, 100 color images.

The 3 images above are available for 180,- Euro each. They are 40×50 cm c-prints, edition of 15.

All 3 images are available for 440,- Euro.

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