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Andrew Phelps
is an American photographer who has been living in Europe since 1990. His work is influenced by the cross-cultural lifestyle he now leads, dividing his time between the deserts of Arizona and the Alps of Austria. He works as a curator and board member of the  GALERIE FOTOHOF in Salzburg. His personal work is represented by the ROBERT MORAT GALERIE in Hamburg, GALERIE BRUNNHOFER in Linz, GALERIE JO VAN DE LOO in München, GALERIE SOIZ in Passau, and is a member of the PIECE OF CAKE project.

Andrew is available for commissioned assignments as well as lecturing about his work.

When not photographing, Andrew likes to spend his time with his wife and 2 young daughters kayaking and scrambling in the mountains around town, trying to keep koi fish alive and well, and rumor has it that he makes the best chicken enchiladas in Salzburg, which isn’t hard to do.

photo: Paul Kranzlerphoto: Paul Kranzler

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43 650 648 6051


Galleries and Representation

Robert Morat, Hamburg
Gallery Brunnhofer, Linz
Jo Van De Loo, Munich
Galerie Soiz, Passau



Born  in Mesa, Ariz., USA. Living and working in Salzburg Austria.
1986-91 Arizona State University (B.F.A. Photography)
1989-90 Year abroad studies in fine art photography at Salzburg College, A

since 1994 various teaching positions at
Salzburg College and the FH Salzburg

also visit Andrew’s profile at PHOTOGRAPHY NOW.


Awards and grants

2012 “Haboob” shortlisted in the German Photo Book award.
2009 “Not Niigata” shortlisted in the German Photo Book award.
2008 “Higley” shortlisted in the Arles book list
2008 “Higley” shortlisted in German Photo Book award
2005 Jahresstipendium Land Salzburg
2003 Projects stipend Salzburger Kunstverein
2001 Projects stipend, Austrian Ministry of Culture
2000 Nat. prize for Photo., Austrian Ministry of Culture
1997 London stipend, Austrian Ministry of Culture
1995 Budapest stipend from city of Salzburg, A



2020 University of Leiden – Old Observatory, Leiden NL “The Drake Equation” with Paul Kranzler
2018 Landesgalerie Linz, A “The Drake Equation” with Paul Kranzler
2018 Gallery Robert Morat, Hamburg, D “The Drake Equation” with Paul Kranzler
2016 Kunsthaus Raskolnikow, Dresden, (D): Higley and Haboob
2016 Scope Gallery, Hannover, (D): Cubic Ft/Sec.
2016 Lothrinnger13, München, (D): The Drake Equation
2015 Soiz Galerie, Passau, D: Arizona Trilogy
2015 Anzenberger Galerie, Wien, A: Amerika, Amerika
2015 Galerie Eboran, Salzburg, A: Über Land
2014 Galerie Jo Van De Loo, Munich, D:”Haboob”
2013 Gallery LhGWR, The Hague, NL: “On the Edge”
2012 Galerie Robert Morat, Hamburg, D: “Haboob”
2012 Galerie Brunnhofer, Linz, A: “720-two times around”
2011 Galerie Jo Van De Loo, Munich, D: “GIPFEL”
2010 Galerie Brunnhofer, Linz, A: “Synchronicity”
2010 Gallery Robert Morat, Hamburg, D: “NOT NIIGATA”
2009 Thomas K. Lang Gallery, Webster Univ. Vienna, A: “Baghdad Suite”
2008 Gallery Robert Morat, Hamburg, D: “Higley”
2008 Harper Levine, E. Hampton, NY, USA: “Higley”
2007 Galerie Simone Feichtner, Linz, A: “Some portraits, Some landscapes” with Paul Kranzler
2007 Landesgalerie Linz,A: “Higley”
2007 Galerie Simone Feichtner, Linz,A: “Baghdad Suite”
2006 Gallery Lang, Samabor, HR: “Nature De-Luxe”
2006 Fotomuseum Burghausen, D: “Das Abseitige am Reisen” with Günter Standl
2005 Stift Schlierbach, A: “Four-Sided. Photography Concerning Architecture”
2004 Landesgalerie Oberösterreich, Linz, A
2004 Galerie Fotohof, Salzburg, A: “Nature De-Luxe” book presentation
2003 Brotfabrik, Berlin, D: “Nature De-Luxe”
2003 Black Dragon Society Salzburg, A: “True Wilderness Experience”
2003 Schloss Goldegg, A: “Zur Schönen Aussicht”
2001 Soho in Ottakring, Wien, A: “On the Edge of Town”
2001 Stadtgalerie Wels, A: “Natur Deluxe”
2000 Scharfrichterhaus Passau, D
1999 Architektenkammer Salzburg, A: “Hotel Europa Salzburg” mit Wolfgang Thaler (Catalogue)
1999 Galerie 5020, Salzburg, A: “Inner-City/Outer-Space” (Book)
1998 Galerie Eboran Salzburg, A
1998 Salzburger Kunstverein, Salzburg, A: “40 Tage 20 Ausstellungen. Overdose” (Catalogue)
1998 Stadthaus Ulm, D
1998 Budapest Galerie, Budapest, H (Catalogue)
1997 Galerie im Alcatraz Hallein, A: “Welcome to Kill (Art That Can Salzburg You)”
1996 Fotogalerie Wien, A: “Maps and Legends”
1995 Raum 1/9. Wien, A
1995 Galerie im Traklhaus, Salzburg, A: “Sextant” (Catalogue)
1994 Fotoforum West, Innsbruck, A: “Sextant” (Katalog)
1994 Galerie Pro Arte, Hallein, A: “I Dream I am a Sailor of the Mind” (Catalogue)

Group exhibitions

2017 Salzburg Museum, Salzburg, A: “Facing Austria”
2017 Lothringerhalle Munchen, D: “As With All Bright Constellations”
2016 Galerie Brunnhofer, Linz, A. “Photography Tomorrow”
2014 Salzburg Museum, Salzburg, A: Acrcheologie!?
2013 Das Weisse Haus, Wien,A: “Phantoms and Ghosts”
2011 Galerie 5020, Salzburg, A: “Living on the Edge of a Silver Furture”
2011 Epicentro, Berlin, D: “SIGHT_SEEING” (Book)
2011 Nordico, Linz, Austria: “Im Garten” (Book)
2011  FO.KU.S, Innsbruck, A: “SIGHT_SEEING” (Book)
2010 Phoeinx Art Museum, Ariz., USA: “Exposing Time”
2010 Galerie Schütte, Essen, D: “FAKE AND REAL” with Mathieu Bernard-Reymond and Ville Lenkkeri
2010 Landesmuseum Upper Austria, Linz, A: “New Topographics, revisited” (Book)
2009 SI FEST, Savignano, I: “Global Photography, Looking at/Looking for” (Catalogue)
2009 Fotomuseum Burghausen, D: “Landscape Contemporary”
2008 FFI Frankfurt, D: “How To Hang a Book”
2008 Lentos, Linz, A: “Licht Spüren” (Catalogue)
2008 Kunstverein Maerz, Linz, A: “Endlich Schnee in die Alpen”
2007 Saarlandmuseum, Saarbrucken, D: “OFF-TIME”
2006 UBR Galerie, Salzburg, A: “Steady State”
2006 Galerie Fotohof Salzburg, A: “Arbeiten aus 25 Jahre”
2006 Rathausgalerie, München, D: “Im Fokus: Bau und Kunst”
2006 Kunstraum Mondsee, A: “Idyll,Der Fall der Fassaden”
2006 Foto Forum Braunau, D: “Heimat Gefühle”
2006 Galerie der Stadt Wels, A: “Timelines”
2005 Wilhelm-Hack-Musem, Ludwigshafen, D: “Architektur Mobil”
2005 Deutsches Museum, München, D: “Theresienhöhe. Ein fotografisches Projekt”
2005 Museum der Moderne Salzburg, A: “Simultan, Photographs form the Austrian Collection”
2004 Zadar, HR: “Fototriennale” (Catalogue)
2004 Galerie in Traklhaus, Salzburg, A: “Portraits”
2003 Galerie Fotohof Salzburg, A: “Ein Dorf wird, Kennelbach Revisited”
2003 Schloss Goldegg, A: “Am Schönsten”
2003 Forum Stadtpark Graz, A: “Rethinking Photography V”
2003 Rupertinum Salzburg, A: “(Under) Construction”
2003 Landesmuseum Oberösterreich, Linz, A: “Hotel-Hotel” (Catalogue)
2002 Salzburger Kunstverien, Salzburg, A: “Doublez Allez-y!” with David Moises and Severin Hofmann
2002 Landesmuseum Linz, A: “Aquaria” (Catalogue)
2001 Fotogalerie Wien. A
2001 Forum Stadtpark. Graz, A: “Rekonstruktion Heimat”
2000 Stadtgalerie Wels, A: “Land Art USW” (Catalogue)
2000 Kunstraum Innsbruck, A: “Land Art USW” (Catalogue)
2000 Haus der Kunst, München, D (Catalogue)
2000 Salzburger Kunstverein, A
1999 Galerie 5020, Salzburg, A: “Künstlersymposium ORTung 1998” (Catalogue)
1999 Galerie Ilse Hutzinger, Ebensee, A
1999 Galerie im Traklhaus, Salzburg, A (Catalogue)
1998 Lofer/St. Martin, A: “Künstlersymposium ORTung” (Catalogue)
1998 Jahresausstellung, Salzburger Kunstverein, A
1997 Galerie Fotohof, Salzburg, A: “Neue Editionen”
1997 Architektenkammer Salzburg, A: “Die ganze Stadt” (Book)
1997 Galerie 5020, Salzburg, A: “Inner Space”
1997 Jahresausstellung, Salzburger Kunstverein, A


Publications (selection)

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