alec soth’s “allowing flowers” book for common bond from Mom Culture on Vimeo.

Video grabbed from Mom Culture Onlilne.

I don’t own this book, probably won’t ever be able to afford it, but I wish I could as by doing so I would be helping a noble cause. I usually like to at least get my hands on a book before putting it up here, but this one has 2 things going for it that are going to justify me posting about here, without ever seeing it live:

Alec made it, and some folks in need will profit.

Jeff at 5b4 has the first review/presentation of this project, so I am more or less just linking you back to him.

Here some thoughts from the Common Bond organization.

CommonBond Communities is proud to announce the release of Allowing Flowers, a limited-edition book created specifically for CommonBond Communities. Allowing Flowers features the work
of Alec Soth, an internationally renowned photographer who blends his unique style of photography with the organization’s mission to provide homes for those most in need.

In Allowing Flowers, Soth captures the humanity of the word “home” in a powerful collection of images featuring seniors, families and children who live in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area. The book features photos of the very people CommonBond helps; their ‘common bond’ is living in CommonBond Communities’ affordable apartments and town homes.

Allowing Flowers is a beautiful, 11”x12” bound, hard-cover book featuring full color photos of CommonBond residents by Alec Soth. The book was designed by California artist Catherine Mills, of Catherine Mills Design. Each book cover (both front and back)
is unique and one-of-a kind.

Premier donors (those who donate $5,000 or more to CommonBond’s first-ever capital-campaign) will receive a copy of the Allowing Flowers limited edition book. Those who commit to a gift of $25,000 or more will receive a personally signed and numbered print by Alec Soth in addition to the book. Donations of any size are greatly appreciated and will create stable, supportive homes for people in need and “allow flowers” to bloom in their lives.

CommonBond Communities.