Maximilian Haidacher, Magdalena Fischer

Alpenrose – limited edition booklet, 2009

Maximilian Haidacher and Magdalena Fischer have released a perfect follow-up to Max’s Hotels des Alpes, a self-published book from 2008. Similar to Hotels, Alpenrose embraces the traditions of landscape photography in the alps and celebrates the beauty of this place all the while addressing the problematic phenomenon that hits a place when tourism becomes the main source of income and such majestic landscapes becomes a fictional cartoon of itself. The alps, as we have come to expect them, are seldom seen…Perfect timing in the year in which the New Topographics are experiencing a revival

These are the places which fill the days of the tourists who come to spend their holidays in the Hotels from Max’s first series.

21×16,5cm / 44 pages in color

Limited and signed edition of 50