Andrew Phelps

HIGLEY – book dummy, 2007

This is one of the two bound dummies from my HIGLEY book which came out in 2007 in the Kehrer publishing house. 

As is the case with dummies, there are several images which aren’t in the final book, and can only be seen here, and the text is a condensed version of the final one. 

“Why do we take pictures? To preserve memories? Stop time? Tell stories? Andrew Phelps’ photographs of Higley, Arizona do all of these things. But most of all they make me want to go out into the world. Stripped of the usual tendency toward cynical sensationalism, Phelps’ pictures depict Higley with a mixture of clarity and affection. After looking at this remarkable book, I feel like going outside to chat with my neighbour.”

Alec Soth

It is linen-bound, ca 80 pages with ca 60 color images, ink-jet printed on normal paper. The images are definately not the quality of the final book, but this is more of a documentation of the editing process. I am not selling number 2 yet, and it is even a different selection as well so one could argue that this is a one-of-a-kind.

I am selling this with an original print of choice from the final HIGLEY book. 

The prints are in an edition of 10, 16×20 inch c-prints matted 20×24 inches.

Book dummy + print:  2.100,- Euro

Dummy alone: 950,- Euro