untitled, Wolfsburg, 2001

untitled, Köln, 2005

Wolfgang Zurborn

Drift – book + print, 2007

For Wolfgang Zurborn photography is representing a way of seeing the fractured modern world in its overlapping images and contexts. In Drift, he is interested in finding the sublime in the ridiculous condition of modern life with a Dadaist awareness of the found object. With a surrealist sense of humour, Zurborn creates a fascinating collision montage of juxtaposed, multi-layered images combined on a single picture plane. Disconnected from the purely functional sense of our every-day life, the presented surroundings appear in a much more sensual way. (Kehrer)

Hardcover, 18×24,5 cm, 144 pages, 59 color images, German and English.

Drift is available as a Special Edition with original print.
30 copies of each motif, 18 x 24 cm, signed.

Book and  print: 120,- Euro

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