I traded books last year with Baptiste Lignel for his Coney Island book, a collection of details of the objects and the people who made the famous, fated amusement park an icon.

He is following it up with a book about childhood, including only images of his own children. As it seems to becoming common practice in the self-publishing world, Baptiste is offering a pre-sale version of the book in the form of a special “shoebox” edition.



« The photographs that Baptiste has produced of his children are emotional, sensitive, and personal. The images capture a universal experience that brings forth childhood memories from years past. His approach in photographing his children is spontaneous and perceptive. It reflects a deep relationship not only with his children, but with an element of childhood that is part of the human experience. Baptiste has taken upon himself to record in a poetic and touching manner, moments that will last. »

Roger Ballen


He has put up a nice video, displaying the entire book.

As with Coney Island, it is being published by Otra Vista, an on-line store with a nice selection of prints, books, and special editions.