Cover of Christian Patterson’s Redheaded Peckerwood

Following the last post, this is the 2nd in a line of books I don’t have yet, but will surely follow and await their release. Fellow POC and friend Christian Patterson is offering a pre-release edition of his up-comming book Redheaded Peckerwood. If you know his first book Sound Affects, then you are familiar with Christian’s fine tuned eye for editing and sequencing. You might recognize some of the images under their early title, Out There, but under the new packaging as Redheaded Peckerwood you will find a much more refined and complete collection of sometimes collected, sometimes staged, sometimes found imagery telling a tale of a true-crime legacy left behind by 2 teenage serial killers named Starkweather and Fugate who raised hell between Nebraska and Wyoming in the late 50’s. Christian’s tracking of the 2 is documented through places and objects relevant to the pair.

“The project is part road trip, part time machine, and mostly a testament to the thin line between fame and infamy, truth and representation.” Light Work Bolg

Christian is offering a hand-bound ink-jet artist book, limited to 10 copies, along with a print.

He has all of the info here, so be sure to see it. The last I heard there are about 5 left.

Hardcover, gray linen with black silkscreen.
8 x 10 inches.
144 pages.
64 original b/w and color archival inkjet prints.
4 unique handmade inserts.

He spent an artist in residence at Light Work to produce the 10 artist books.