“Tikiman” from HIGLEY, 2006. 24×30 cm.

As I’ve said before

I am offering a few of my press prints from various book projects over the last years in trade for a selection of books I would like to have. THESE PRINTS ARE SLIGHTLY DAMAGED* (a small kink here or there) and most have various printer notes cryptically scribbled on the back, but they are in tact though they show the signs of the scanning and proofing process. They will be inscribed with my name and project title but will also say “press print- not for sale”. They are 24×30 cm c-prints, hand printed by me and should look exactly like the printed versions as the scans were made from these exact prints.

*but…this print doesn’t seem to be damaged, thank you scan people.

I would like to have this book in trade: Mark Steinmetz, South East.

Send me an email if would like to trade. I am not going to tell you where to buy it, maybe you have an extra copy laying around, but if you do simply order one, I would suggest doing so through one of the stores which I listed in the roster to the right.