photos: David Shoerner and the Gallery Melk, Oslo

David Schoerner manages to pursue his own work while publishing the small yet consistently high quality series of books under the imprint Hassla. Its hard to balance two worlds, whether they be photographer/publisher, photographer/curator, photographer/teacher, so its good to follow his work and constantly be reminded that it can work and work well.

When working with the single image, rather than focusing on classic photographic series, Schoerner makes use of the book-medium to put the work in a narrative context. The title May All Your Dreams Come True derives from a postcard to the artist signed by actress Tiffani-Amber Thiesen and also shows up in one of the works in the exhibition. The printed book and publications of Hassla, including Schoerner’s own, are shown alongside two large vinyl banners.

Gallery Melk.

Opens on Thursday January 13, at 7 pm.