Domestic Slavery

Raphael Dallaporta, Ondine Millo – Limited editition ‘zine, 2010

Domestic Slavery is an interestingly designed magazine/poster collection which which, with a bit of wallpaper paste, doubles as a set of exhibition prints. The design is by Kummer and Herrman who have done a much better job documenting the book than I have, so take a look at their site.

Each image is loose and can be pulled out to create its own, stand alone image/text tableau. The design, like the photography is very formal and reserved and in combination with the texts, which describe actual scenes of abuse and cruelty, we are confronted with the possibility that “behind the facade of the ordinary can lie a discomforting reality…”

Raphael Dallaporta (photos) and Ondine Millot (texts) adress the tragic reality of domestic slavery; people, usually non-documented immigrants, being held against their will in countries where they have no voice. Though the names are changed, the stories are real and Dallaports distanced, non-sentimental images of the buildings “bear witness to the banality of everyday inhumanity…”

They are only available through FOTODOK, the Utrecht based artists space for documentary photography where the work is currently on display in the (in)Visible show. Running until Feb. 28th.

Thanks Bart.