1/2 gram of outback.

Thijs Heslenfeld

Hot – Limited edition book

These 2 books, HOT and COLD from the dutch photographer Thijs Heslenfeld, are a bit different than most of the books that find their way into this blog. These prize-winning, best selling travel books aren’t claiming to be artist’s books in any way, and in Thijs’ own words they are “..to show life in the Outback, nothing more, nothing less..”. Seeing as I’m not necessarily fascinated with Australia, I may never have chosen these for my shelves. But then I got some dirt in the mail.

Thijs is a much travelled photographer, but his “travels” are better called “adventures”. This double set compiles his extreme journeys across the Outback (HOT) in 4×4, and to the hidden corners of Antarctica (COLD) aboard the Dutch boat Europa.

The Hotversion has a 1/2 gram small sack of sand from the Simpson desert.

here is the exact spot, pretty remote.

If you are a traveler, either into the hot or the cold, you may want to select your book respectively. If you are a fan of travel books, content to enjoy these extreme places from the comfort of your couch, then I suggest getting both of them.

The special edition of HOT costs 75,-Euro.

You can find all the books here.

The texts are in english.