Douglas Stockdale, who you probably know through his great blog The PhotoBook, has sent out a pre-release offer for his upcoming book Ciociaria. Ciociaria is a region in central Italy which takes its name, funny enough, from a particular ancient sandal which was common long ago and can still be found in use by locals. Douglas has been traveling through the area, responding to a certain mystery which every place holds for a photographer who wants to believe in the power of photography to reveal secrets about a place, but knows the best it can do is just add to the paradox of the strangely-familiar vs. the familiarly-strange.

As an American, with just the rudimentary basics of the language, Douglas calls himself a “photographer-flaneur”, a fitting title for any of us who wander and look.

Check out all of the details here, and be sure to get on the list for the info about the 2 limited edition prints which will be available. They are announced yet.

It will be presented in Rome at the FotoGrafia Festival Internazionale di Roma, September 23rd, published by Edizioni Punctum.