images from the publisher

This hasn’t been released yet, so I am just attaching and forwarding the official release info, but this might be a special edition book/print which you don’t want to miss. I am a big fan of Thekla’s last book SOMMERHERZ from 2007, so I can imagine this will be quite beautiful.

The work is an homage to Thekla’s former professor Arno Fischer and his book The Garden.

The title comes from the name of the flower “Forget-Me-Not”.

Artist book in Box

Kehrer Verlag ,Heidelberg Berlin
11,5 x 15 cm
104 pages
ca. 79 color images.


Collector’s Edition with 3 C-Prints
Print of choice from the book
11,5 x 15 cm, edition of 50
Euro 128,– after the release on Sept. 17, Euro 148,–


Get the info here at KEHRER.

or check out more of Thekla’s work here.