Passing along this from Ben Alpers. A chance for a nice pubication, for a nice price: FREE (well almost, you do have to do something)

“As summer tragically draws to a close, we here at The Exposure Project have decided to host an “End of Summer” book giveaway. We will be giving away a complimentary copy of Issue 4 of The Exposure Project Book to one lucky photography-loving person. Here’s how it works. To be considered, we are asking that people submit one characteristically, summer-inspired image. This image can consist of whatever the artist deems most emblematic about the season. It can be an image that you’ve already made, or one that you create specifically for this challenge. It can be of any size, format and process, so long as it is photographically based. Naturally, we will be accepting entries until the last day of Summer – September 21st. After reviewing the submissions we will select our favorite summer-tinged photograph and announce a winner. The chosen image will be posted on the blog along with a corresponding interview with the photographer. Submissions should include the image, artist’s name and website URL (if available). Send entries to:

Ben Alper
The Exposure Project