Andrew Phelps, NOT NIIGATA, 2009

I‘m happy to finally announce the completion of NOT NIIGATA.

The printing was, as always, a roller-coaster of stress, bliss, compromise, but all-in-all a treat due to Juergen and Petra from KEHRER who did so much of the pre-press; scans, graphic, design.

My wife only growls in my direction when I tell her it feels like giving birth, so I will avoid metaphor and just say it is a relief to have it here on the desk.

I have 2 hand-bound copies, the regular edition will be released in due time, with an official launch at the Frankfurt Book Fair in October.

Thanks to everyone who has ordered a Special Edition, you have made the fancy details possible.

There are some Special Editions left, a book and a print for 128,- Euro

The standard trade edition is a (relatively) limited edition of 888 copies.

Casebound linen, inset cover photo, 28×28 cm, 80 pages, english and japanese.

Photographers, like birds, greedily peck away at the world, digesting the occasional pebble as well as the intended breadcrumb. While nibbling away in Niigata Japan, Andrew Phelps has gracefully assembled a poetic journey which, factual to Niigata or not, has me lingering by his side, hoping for a delay of my return flight to the real world.

Jeffrey Ladd

here an interview on AHORN magazine