A post this morning from my friend Mel at  Cigarettes and Purity, simply titled “Luck”, got me thinking about one interesting way of not selling your work; 

you give it away.

If you havn’t been to Horses Think, here is a small selection of what you have missed:

Getting one of these images is supposedly as easy as an A in gym class, just show up. But the trick here is that you have to be the first to send an email requesting the image.

It reminds me of the mid 80’s when I had the number to the local radio station programmed into the speed-dial on our phone, hoping to be the “9th caller to win the new City Boy album”. Or some similair musical give-away.

Due to my technical superiority over most people who still had a rotary phone, I did win that album and a handful of others, unfortunately it was about the hunt and I would automatically dial even before hearing the album being offered. 

There is no speed-dial email so I haven’t managed to get a print yet and my taste has been fine-tuned a bit so I don’t blindly go for just any image from HT, but I keep coming back, hoping that my European time-zone advantage will help someday, to beat out the rest of you while you sleep. I suppose posting this here has even reduced my chances even more.

If you are still reading, you probably missed a print. Maybe I finally got one…

good luck.