Eat, 2006

Philippe Gerlach

Gosia –  Special edition book + print, 2006



Acting as a global platform for dynamic new creatives, London’s favourite fashion store  b store  has collaborated with photographic journal Kilimanjaro to bring you b book: White and Black with the  work of up and coming photographer Philippe Gerlach.

With tangled hair and in a semi-state of undress, his torn emotive photographs of a mystery woman come juxtaposed against stark winterlandscapes and crumpled sheets. A refined celebration of light and shade… 

Philippe Gerlach, a young photographer living in Linz, Austria produced this beautiful concept book last year in a an edition of 500 in cooperation with the London based b store. When he told me he only has 10 copies left and that these 10 are availale with a print, I thought I should pass the news along.


„GOSIA“ is dealing with a subject as personal as possible. It’s an everday life portrait of my former love and MalgorzataSzandala, and i’ve been working on the series, since the time we’ve met in Gliwice, Poland, three years ago. Gosia is an academic artist, andin  2004 lived between Vienna and Gliwice, Polen. Since 2005 she’s staying in Gliwice, Poland full time. It was important for me to find a way having her around also in the times when she wasn’t there, which for me was the working on her pictures later, creating something that would fill the space she left. And i also took the pictures, to not lose the ability to see Gosia as a passerby, a roommate, a friend and a lover at the same time.

In spring 2006 i created a little fanzine, containing pictures of her, which i gave around as a free gift and to get her known in my circles. This led to a collaboration with the  B Store and Klimanjaro Magazine which resulted in the production of b Book.

Phillipe Gerlach

The book is a souftbound, open-back thread binding in b/w, ca 80 pages. Design by Kilimanjaro

The print is a 17 x 12 cm, b/w fiber print in an edition of 10.

Price for a book and print is 100,- Euro.

Don’t miss this one!

Get them directly through Philippe, or visit  his Linz gallery, Simone Feichtner, where you can also see some great installation images of the show.