Justin Winz

American Detail – Limited edition book with 2 prints, 2008

Back to Polaroid once again, this is a limited edition, self-published book by Justin Winz.

Justin divides his time between NY, Hamburg and Paris. This book contains 33 color images from NY and LA, made by scanning the latent negative images which one can salvage from a polaroid type 55 film. The images, by combining the technique, seem a bit timeless, or better said, they seem to transcend the 35 year gap between these two “tools”. What is refreshing is that the scanner is used like a digital darkroom, simply to bring out what is already inherent in the image, and not to enhance it and smear it with a nostalgic patina, which is unfortunately often the case when photographers have too many “aesthetic options” along the path between making the photo and presenting a final image. His stated dedication to David Lynch is right on. 

…Millions of scences from movies, tv-series and even from the work of american artists such as William Eggleston, David Lynch, Wim Wenders, Steven Shore, Martin Scorsesse…..

It´s about crime scenes, private detectives, anonymitie in big cities, lost feeling

facing the wideness of landscapes, or even empty streets.

This modern myths of america formed only in the last century, gives this country

it´s very unique kind of modern ancientness that lays under the todays surface.

Using a special Polaroid technic,which is partly very analog/old school/chemical/ancient and partly digital/modern, it is possible to get an aesthetic that helps bring out these stereotypes by „melting together“ a timeframe from something in the 1950s to 2008.

Telephone wires over Mulholland drive, police cars on the NY bridge, crimescene

tapes in the streets of Manhattan, this work is dedicated to David Lynch.

Justin Winz

The normal edition is soft-bound ca 8×10 inches with 48 pages and 33 images. It is limited to 100 signed and numbered copies. It is available in europe from Schaden for 34,- Euro

There is a special edition available with 2 prints and the book in a slipcase. These are available directly through Justin for 139,- Euro at  art@justinwinz.net

Nr. 1-10, Premium edition with 2 prints in a slipcase