Screen shot from “44”, compiled  by Mel Trittin

Mel Trittin and friends

“44” – Limited edition ‘zine, 2009

A few days before the historic inauguration of Barack Obama, Mel Trittin asked a simple request of handful of photographers:

I have a request. Barack Obama will be sworn in as President of the United States of America at 12:00 Noon (Eastern Time) on Tuesday, January 20, 2009 as designated by the Constitution. I would like you to take a picture of your television, your radio, your computer monitor or whatever is communicating the event at the moment he takes the oath of office. If you are unable to see or hear the swearing in take a picture of the ground, the sky, yourself at that hour. Use your camera, cell phone, whatever is at hand. I would then like you to email me (my email address is available under the “view my profile” on the right side of the blog page and then clicking on “Contact”) the photograph. I will assemble all the photos to reflect that transmission and reception and transmission for all the people who are kind enough to read Cigarettes and Purity.

Mel Trittin

and now the book is ready, so don’t miss getting a copy…

 I have finished the layout and uploaded the files to MagCloud to publish “44”. I will get a proof in about a week and will then make it public for ordering. I did not add a mark-up so by my calculations the cost will be $5.60 plus shipping (roughly $1.50). When I approve the proof issue I will post again with a link in order to preview and place an order. MagCloud is not currently shipping outside the United States. Anyone overseas interested in ordering should email me and I will get extra copies and mail them personally.

get in touch with Mel or stay up-to-date about the release on her homepage. The price, as she is not marking them up at all, is roughly 7 dollars including shipping.

nice one Mel. Yes We Did….